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Beauty information including, short and long hair cuts, black hair styles, wedding styles, cosmetic surgery, mineral makeup, lipstick, nail care and art, artificial nails, extension supplies and reinforcement, laser hair removal and more.


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Jan 25, 2010 -- Hello I m sumit. i m a student. my age is 21. my question is that... my skin is fairless ... and i want to be a fit.. so tell me what do.? -- RESPOND
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Jul 13, 2009 -- Who started the day-old facial beard and 'slept-on' hair styles? It gives the appearance of slovenliness and lower social self-respect when one chooses to look un-washed and un-kept. -- RESPOND
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May 25, 2009 -- what is grooming? How can we use it in corporate sector? -- RESPOND
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Employers should have the right to establish parameters as they apply to acceptable dress and personal hygene including appearance. Corporate employees do, in fact represent the company they work for and should look as good as they can while at work -- Olds13

Mar 29, 2009 -- What is grooming? how we can use it in corporate sector -- RESPOND
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Mar 03, 2009 -- what is personal grooming? what area it imcludes. want in detail -- RESPOND
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Feb 05, 2009 -- does grooming include soft skills -- RESPOND
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