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Directory of resources on appliances including, TVs, satellites, refrigerators, grills, cooking, kitchen cabinets, designs, portable air conditioners, parts and more.


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Air Conditioning Equipment

Air Conditioning Systems-Cleaning

Air Conditioning-Room Units

Appliance Parts

Appliance Repair


Appliances-Major Dealers

Appliances-Major-Service, Repair and Install

Appliances-Major-Supplies and Parts

Appliances-Small-Supplies and Parts

Coffee Makers



Dishwashers-Service and Repair

Dishwashers-Supplies and Parts

Electric Motors-Dealers and Repairing

Gas Burners

Gas Companies

Gas Grills


Heat Pumps

Heating Equipment

Heating Equipment and Systems-Cleaning/Repairing

Ice Making Equipment


Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Designs

       Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Sinks

Microwave Ovens-Service and Repair

Orthopedic Appliances

Plasma TV

Portable Air Conditioner

Ranges and Ovens-Service and Repair

Ranges and Ovens-Supplies and Parts

Refrigerators and Freezers-Dealers

Refrigerators and Freezers-Renting and Leasing

Refrigerators and Freezers-Service and Parts

Satellite TV

Sewing Machines-Household

Sewing Machines-Service and Repair


Television and Radio-Dealers

Television and Radio-Renting and Leasing

Television and Radio-Service and Repair

Vacuum Cleaners-Household-Dealers

Vacuum Cleaners-Service and Repair

Washers and Dryers-Renting and Leasing

Washers and Dryers-Service and Repair

Washers and Dryers-Supplies and Parts

Washing Machine

Water Heaters-Dealers

Window Air Conditioners

Wine Refrigerator

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